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Dubai Land Department transfer costs apply to the purchase of this property as well as any other property transfer trustees Dubai. Some title deeds differ from others in appearance. As a result, you should get professional counsel to ensure that the deed and the information included within it are correct and current. A copy of the title deed is needed for all tenants, in addition to being crucial for property owners. Tawtheeq provides one of the top-rated title deed services in Dubai.

The Dubai Land Department makes it quicker and more convenient for everyone to examine the legitimacy of the title deed, as part of its mission to give all information in one location. This is part of a larger effort to improve the competitiveness of the real estate market in Dubai and propel it toward excellence by promoting transparency and professional standards.


When it comes to your Dubai property, the title deed is the most significant document. It’s your only and final confirmation of legal property ownership, and it’s required if you want to rent or sell your home in Dubai. It is consequently necessary to register with the Dubai Land Department and receive your title deed. We can take care of everything for you at Your POA. We’ll make sure your property interests are properly registered with the authorities and that your assets are adequately secured.

  • Complete your developer/ Dubai Land Department pre-registration.
  • Raise manager’s checks and make arrangements with the Developer/Dubai Land Department to pay any registration fees.
  • Complete all documentation with the developer, including arranging service charge payments and applying for the No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Complete any necessary papers with any banks or mortgage companies.
  • Register your title deed with the developer or the Dubai Land Department.
  • Follow up with the developer/ Dubai Land Department to acquire your title deed and have it delivered to your residential address.


For first-time buyers, the process of purchasing a home or property, in general, might be intimidating. There are some legal considerations to buying real estate that you should be aware of no matter where you are in the world. In Dubai, the same is true.

We make every effort to provide you with real estate services Dubai that are precise and timely. In order to make your experience one-of-a-kind, we are continually on the lookout for:

  • Providing the necessary accuracy and quickness.
  • Our team is dedicated to serving you and answering all of your questions.
  • You do not need to go to the Dubai Land Department in person.
  • You will be able to complete all of your governmental services under one roof

Protecting your assets in one of the aforementioned ways will assist you and your family to avoid costly inheritance conflicts if you own property in the UAE. There are methods available to you to eliminate that prospect in a timely manner, but it is a complicated field.

A local expert can walk you through the process, ensuring that you understand all of your options and preventing costly mistakes. It’s only natural to want to safeguard something of such importance that you’ve invested in.

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