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The process of property transfer Dubai from one person or entity to another is known as conveyancing. However, as the volume and capacity of real estate transactions in Dubai grows, the advantages of utilizing a conveyancing Dubai business Bay have become increasingly apparent. Using a conveyancer to handle all of the difficult and time-consuming legal requirements of a property transaction is unquestionably the best option.

Real Estate Agent Dubai

Whether you’re planning to buy, sell, gift, assign, or lease a property in the UAE, need a mortgage, or simply need to complete the handover formalities with the developer of your off-plan property, you’ll need an experienced real estate agent Dubai, that knows all the processes and procedures and can safely guide you through the property transaction until it’s completed. Tawtheeq provides affordable real estate services Dubai. Being one of the most trusted real estate broker Dubai, we provide all types of real estate contracts in Dubai.

What We Implement as Real Estate Agent Dubai?

  • Examine the property transaction and create a clear action plan.
  • Work with the broker/buyer/seller on all paperwork, including negotiating, preparing, and revising MOUs and Sale Agreements.
  • Complete all documentation with the developer, including arranging service charge payments and applying for the No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Complete all paperwork with any banks or mortgage providers, including requesting/settling liabilities and signing/collecting papers at the bank or mortgage provider.
  • Make financial settlement statements, prepare files, and do pre-transfer checks.
  • Complete all necessary papers with the Dubai land department, including representation at the property’s final transfer.
  • Managing the transmission of final sale monies and new title deeds in a secure manner
  • Answer any queries you may have, provide help and guidance on the appropriate documentation/procedures, and represent your interests in general to facilitate a smooth and timely transfer of title ownership.

Looking for Property Registrations in Dubai?

As the volume and capacity of property transactions grow, the advantages of utilizing a conveyancer become increasingly apparent. Using a conveyancer to handle all of the difficult and time-consuming legal procedures of a property transfer is unquestionably the best option. It is critical to guarantee that all parties are legally protected.

Our tawtheeq property registration trustees provide vital guidance and continual input to all parties involved, and we are at the forefront of change in the Dubai real estate industry, allowing us to capitalize on all developments and meet them head-on. We provide exceptional value for money and provide superior customer service to our competition.

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